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Whatever is actually running the illuminati networks is not human. The best proof of this is the sheer longevity of the planning and the deeply hidden links to sinister events throughout many centuries. Human beings can barely plan ahead for the week's schedule. Whatever is behind the plot to place all of mankind under a globalist government dedicated to absolute evil, plans across many lifetimes.

Rothschild Illuminati Urban Design links Milton Keynes Reston and Najaf

The 1999 movie "Eyes Wide Shut" had a plot about a doctor who happened to stumble into a very high level satanic society ritual which took place in a mansion. The film starred Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and was directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film brought tragedy. Stanley Kubrick died four days after handing over the last take of the movie and as everyone knows Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage ended in divorce. The trio never made another movie together again. The movie took place in the British newly designed city of Milton Keynes. There are those that believe that Stanley Kubrick was in essence exposing the existence of the Illuminati network in the movie and may have died as a result thereof.

This article goes beyond previous material on the movie and this link and exposes the fact Lord Rothschild was on the planning and design committee of Milton Keynes, a city replete with Illuminati Symbology and that Milton Keynes is the prototype or blueprint for the "CIA City" of Reston, Virginia and that the same 'team' of urban planners and architects responsible for the creation of Milton Keynes are now at work redesigning the Iraqi so-called Holy City of Najaf, where Ali the founder of their variant of Islam lies buried in a gold-domed mosque.

It is very sinister that the Rothschild Illuminist dynasty has a link to the "Vatican" of the Shia Muslims. What the purpose of this is unknown but in all likelihood is linked to the occult since besides the shrine, Najaf contains the largest cemetery in the world and was a major center for the Sumerian and Babylonian mystery religions before the time of Jesus Christ or Mohammmed.

The Evidence:

   1. Milton Keynes is a City literally chock-full of Illuminati designs, architecture and symbolism. - more.

   2. This link also provides significant information on the weirdness of the city known by its initials MK. more.

   3. Both previous links may mention the name or connection with Rothschild but did not discover that MK as it is called was DESIGNED in part by Sir Rothschild himself. more - Deputy Chairman , Milton Keynes Development Corporation 1971 to 1984 .

   4. Milton Keynes and Reston are what are known technically as "new towns". Cities built in the modern era from scratch. Other new towns of note have been designed by Freemasons such as Washington, D.C, La Plata , Argentina . more.

   5. Cities indeed... have souls or  a soul energy: more.

   6. Reston was based on the model of Milton Keynes itself: "In 1962, Reston was planned as one of the first "new towns" in the United States. It was specifically inspired by MILTON KEYNES, I believe." more .

   7. Reston is a "CIA City"... more .What this means at a minimum is that a Rothschild designed Illuminati 'new town' serves as a model for a CIA citadel...

   8. The same Rothschild linked planning agency that designed Milton Keynes has been handed the job of "reshaping" the holiest city to Shia muslims. more... "From the people that brought you Milton Keynes..." .

   9. Shia islam speaks much of the return of the Mahdi, a muslim messianic figure associated with that relgion's version of the 'end times'. There are those that believe that this is tied into the 2012 mayan end times calendar or the pole shift of the electromagnetic energy of the Earth.  more.

   This may be the belief or 'reason' for the Rothschild intrusion into Najaf - but this is speculative at present.


   The Illuminist Rothschild dynasty has made strange bedfellows with ostensibly Muslim potentates in the past. In fact The Rothschilds - godfathers of Zionism - are next door neighbors to the Saudi Monarch in Switzerland. The Arab king of course rules over a Wahabbi Kingdom that wishes to destroy Israel and Zionism itself. Both are arch enemies on the exterior...but could they be Illuminati brothers in the dark rituals of Eyes Wide Shut? more .