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Illuminati Networks Exposed
New Babylon Rising  Corporate & Governement connections

Extensive Nazi-CIA connection to USA E-Passport Makers Exposed
(Scoreboard Canada contributor August 29, 2006)

The US Government has awarded German chip maker Infineon the contract to manufacture the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification ) enabled chips for the new passports that will contain biometric data of the person to whom the passport is given. There are serious security concerns regarding this technology but ....there is more that is
problematic as well.
Infineon has connections that are to put it politely, very troubling. This article will attempt to delineate them for the reader.  Basic info: more . (scroll down 25%). The second company Gemalto also has, like Infineon definite Nazi historical links as well.  Like it is said "let history judge..." 

1. Infineon is a subsidiary of Siemens. more
 2. Siemens manufactured the gas chambers used by the Nazi regime during WWII. more
3. In spite of this, the top institutional shareholders are Jewish. a) OppenheimerFunds; b) Fisher Investments; c)Lazard Asset Management are three of the top four. more.
 4. Siemens is linked to China for well over a century. Simply google Siemens China.
5. Infineon is very active in China as well. They even sponsor a so-called Sponsor Chip program. more. In fact Infineon our future passport maker has a major manufacturing presence in China. THE LIKELIHOOD EXISTS THAT THE RFID CHIP CONTAINING USA CITIZENS BIOMETRIC DATA COULD BE MADE IN COMMUNIST CHINA...
6. Possible Chinese Manufacturing Locations: more.
7. Infineon is partnered with French company GEMALTO in this RFID e-passport scheme. more .
8. Gemalto is linked to Schlumberger Through its chief Olivier Piou. The second in command is linked to the CIA. Alex Mandl. more .
9. Schlumberger is linked to the CIA: more and Schlumberger bunker and JFK plot. more
10. Alex Mandl and the CIA linkage: more.
11. Jamie Gorelick that created or raised "the wall" between domestic law enforcement and intelligence that allegedly allowed the 9-11 attacks to occur and failed to disclose the conflict of interest during the bogus 9-11 Commission hearings is on the board of Schlumberger. Andre Levy Lang is an underling of the Rothschild machine more. THEY ARE BOTH ON THE BOARD OF SCHLUMBERGER.
 11a) Jamie Gorelick 9-11 Conflict-of-interest: "the untenable position as a commissioner judging the causes of pre-9/11 intelligence failure, a matter in which she was a key participant....GORELICK "built the wall through a March 1995 memo."... "The single greatest structural cause for September 11 was the wall..." more. ( all of this assuming the official version of 9/11 is accurate which is a HUGE assumption...)
 11b) Andre Levy Lang is very closely connected to the Rothschild Illuminati empire: more. or more.
 11c) Andre Levy Lang and the UN Oil-For-Food debacle. more .
 12. Schlumberger and China = more and more.
13. Gemalto and China = (Axalto is now Gemalto after merger with Gemplus) more.
14. BMW Quandt Billionaire family is 2nd biggest shareholder in Gemalto. They are "notoriously secretive" more / Quandt and Gemalto = more .
15. The Quandt family was closely linked to Hitler. The Quandts are one of the richest families in the world and at the top in Germany. more. BMW and Nazi era = more.
 16. Gemplus is a partner along with the George H.W. Bush linked Carlyle Group with BitFone. more .
The aforementioned facts clearly indicate that every US citizen has reason to be deeply concerned. Soon it will be mandatory to have a biometric passport. One can leave the country without getting one but one will not be allowed to return. In effect, one must give the details of personal DNA, eye retina vein pattern, voice, fingerprints and so forth to Big Brother even though he speaks with a german accent and is connected in this issue at least to the nazi past, red china and the Rothschild crew.
 Listen to Nancy Reagan's immortal advice when it comes to getting the E-Passport.... "Just Say NO." There comes a point where one is simply going to have to refuse to be a part of this and even passively resist by refraining to go along with the once creeping  now galloping movement to total enslavement and Meta-Fascism.The time is now. The longer it takes for resistance to these schemes to develop the further the cancer spreads. Like Ralph Nader said we have become an expose proof society.
Anything can be shown to no avail. It is time to change that. It is time to end the Nazi nightmare. They are entitled to no respect.