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Astana Pyramid and One Canada Place Giza Alignment exposed
(Scoreboard Canada contributor Aug. 1st, 2008)

This writer believe that an unusual "coincidence" has been discovered which hides in plain sight, as is common in dealing with Illuminati-related phenomena. There appears to be a mirror-image correlation between the latitude and longitude of Gnostic Mystery school Alexandria, Egypt and The Pyramid of Khufu / The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. It is hard to ascribe this to coincidence, but that of course, is up to the reader.


1. The Longitude of the Great Khufu Pyramid at Giza is 31.13 degrees E. more. Or simply go to more/ and insert - longitude Giza 31.13 - .

2. The latitude of Alexandria, Egypt is : 31.13 degrees N. more

3. The latitude of the Great Khufu Pyramid at Giza is 29.58 degrees N - more and more .

4. The Longitude of Alexandria, Egypt is 29.58 degrees E. more .

5. The Giza Pyramid is linked with the Illuminati and Freemasonry: more.

6. Alexandria , Egypt is linked to the Gnostics and occult Mystery Schools: scroll down 60% more / and further scroll down 50% more .

7. Further if one looks at a map - one can see that a roughly 51 or 52 degree angle would cross from Giza through Alexandria , Egypt and head in the direction of London, the Illuminati capital and or Stonehenge. See 52 degree angle in illustration by scrolling down 15% more .see following link to show exactitude of Giza to London/Stonehenge at 52 degree angle. more .
The actual angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid are roughly 52 degrees- 51.84 ~~ more or less. more .

8. While looking in the direction of freemasonic London might be one seems to have looked 52 degrees EAST in the opposite direction and for nearly the same distance. What is to be found there? This writer looked at a map and discovered that if one goes 52 degrees from the Giza plateau towards the east for the same distance as London, one finds the illuminati "New City" of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Created for reasons unknown - until now - in
the middle of nowhere in the vast steppes.

Go to a Map. Draw an angle from Giza to London. Use the same angle going in the other direction for the same distance and you will see it yourself. The line would run just north of the Aral sea. See Kazakhstan map: more .

See map with Egypt : In the far center corner you sea the Caspian sea outline and a crescent shape that is the Aral Sea. Just north of that is Astana. Draw a line that is at the same angle and distance as what is shown on this map to London. IT IS EXACT. more .

9. As verified below, the latitude for London and nearby Stonehenge is close to exact to the angle of slope of the Great Pyramid. Guess what? The latitude of London and Astana are the same, which means the new city of Astana was built to be a Central Asian, Illuminati London linked to the East to Giza as London/Stonehenge is to the West. See latitude of Astana - 51.1811 degrees North. more . Latitude of Stonehenge at 51.11 more. Latitude London 51.5 more . Taking into account that these cities are spread out for a wide area, the measurements are very close to exact.

10. What is the tallest building in London? - One Canada Place - a Pyramid. more or google One Canada Place Pyramid. What is the tallest building in Giza Plateau....obviously, the Great Pyramid. What is the tallest building in Astana? Surprise.....also a Pyramid. more or google Astana Pyramid. Known as the Pyramid of Peace. 

*What this means is that One Canada Place and The Pyramid of Peace are aligned to each other and the Pyramid of Khufu on the Giza Plateau.

11. Further, the height of One Canada Place, Canary Wharf, Pyramid is 235 meters. more .

12. The height of the Pyramid of Peace in Astana is - coincidentally - 62 meters which just happens to be 203.5 feet. Zero has no value in western numerology , based largely on the Kabbalah and so one is left with 23.5. The angle of the Poussin Code as noted on the link in #11. 62 meters = 203.5 feet at more .
62 meter tall Pyramid of Peace: more . This link notes that the biggest mosque in the city is also - coincidentally - 62 meters tall.

13. Further, the "new city" of Astana has been designed to cover an Area of 550.5 km squared and has a population of 577 - odd - thousand. more
Again , zero has no value so we have the Illuminati 555 in the designed area : more and The allowed / alloted population of 577 + thousand corresponds to .577 or the irrational and mystical Euler Constant: more .

14. The number 235 is a constant. The angle 23.5 corresponds to the axis of the Earth and has a deep connection to the Great Pyramid of Giza. "...discovered in the Poussin paintings (also related to the angle of 23.5 degrees) to prove to him that there is indeed a code and one which is pointing to a location that no-one had considered as yet... Giza in Egypt." scroll down to near bottom - more .

15. The Birthdate of the first known Freemason , Elias Ashmole was on May 23 which is in the USA 5-23 but everywhere else -- 23-5. more . His Ashmolean Museum is on the Grounds of Illuminati Oxford University. Which is at latitude
51 Degrees North. more . The latitude for Oxford itself is 51.44 degrees North at the centre wherein is the Carfax Tower. more . "first recorded initiation of a speculative mason in England was in 1646 when Elias Ashmole.. joined a lodge in Warrington." scroll down 80% more .


The Maranatha puzzle has been solved at least in part... more . The Poussin Code 23.5 degree link to the Merovingian Bloodline points to the bloodline being Royal - that of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. The Davidic bloodline of Jesus is one and the same as that of the Pharaohs. There had to be intermarriage or relations between owners and slaves when the Jews were captive in Egypt. There always is in those situations from The Deep South of the USA to South Africa to name it. According to Jewish lore and tradition a Jew is someone born of a Jewish MOTHER. Therefore, Egyptian royalty having relations with their Jewish slave women would have their children considered "Jews" by the Jewish tribal custom.

There would be an intermingling of the Jewish upper caste and the Egyptian , especially over the very long period of captivity. Jesus and others, centuries later, could claim - rightfully - to be of Royal blood from ancient Egypt AND the Davidic line of King David from which the Israelites and Jews issued their Kings. Ironically, Moses and the jews fled from Egypt, but Jesus , Joseph and Mary fled TO Egypt when they were being hunted by Herod , shortly after Jesus was born. Why there? That is a question for which there is no answer known to the public.

For evidence to bolster this theory see: more   moremore. more  more
"The line had descended ... and the Egyptian Dragon Dynasty of Sobek on the other. The latter strain included the bloodline of the Davidic House of Judah who married into the descent of the Merovingian Kings of the Franks." more .

ANSWER TO MARANATHA PUZZLE: The Merovingian - Da Vinci Code - bloodline emanates from Giza plateau. The "royal bloodline" is Pharaonic. The illuminati are descended from the royal house of egypt . Thus, the obsession with Pyramids and things egyptian. Further, The ultimate source of the dragon line is Mars. There has already been a link seen between
Giza and Mars. more. Elias Ashmole was born in Lichfield, England at latitude 56.2 N. more and more .

Lichfield is in Staffordshire , which has been previously linked to the Davidic bloodline and Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant as a descendant of the same. more .

The "Christ Angle" aligns the Giza Pyramid with Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. more . The previous link states that the Christ Angle is 26.3 degrees. Double that and one gets 52.6 degrees or the latitude of Lichfield in Davidic Bloodline linked Staffordshire, England. The latitude of the birthplace of the first official freemason born on 23-5. Coincidence or
Freemasonry revealed? The reader must decide. The frequency 26.3 MHz has been associated with Pulsars - which are the core of Neutron Stars and emit heavy amounts of radiation in the form of radio waves. google 26.3 MHz pulsar. more .

Evidence exists that the Giza pyramids "track pulsars" more. The explosion of Vela X about 4,000 years ago corresponds to Anno Lucis or Year of Light for Freemasons. more . Lichfield or Lichtfield means Field of Light. The Illuminati......... Astana is an anagram for Satana - is it not? The devil is in the details and the ..... degrees.

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