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The "Illuminati" is at best a concept of a group of people.  If you chase it, you will never find it.  You must put something more specific on the name to catch the people.  
There are two-sides to the Illuminati. I refer to them as.
(1)  Vatican, Rothchilds, Mason, Skull & Bones, CFR, Maurice Strong, Trilateral Commission, The One World Banker-Military-Industrial- Zionist-Kabel and Bilderbergs, 
(2) The Shanghi Cooperation Organization which is basically led by Russia, China, Iran and others.

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Hitler Return from Aryan Star Aldebaran linked to Bush Refusal to Exit Iraq
Scoreboard Contributor 19 Dec 2011

Many commentators have noted that President George W. Bush becomes nearly apoplectic when anyone attempts to discuss with him the mere possibility of exiting from Iraq. This despite reason after reason for the continued US military presence is found to be false, such as the WMD or flawed such as an exercise in nation building in the tribal , clan and religious faction-ridden middle east. Much of this makes no sense unless there is a reason hidden from the public that makes the "sacrifice" of others people's children a'necessity' for Bush and the Dark Order which he serves.   This writer will attempt to provide evidence in this article that a reason based on the Occult , Supernatural or other such reasoning is what is at work here. Needless to say , even if true there will be no admission of this from officials.

 The Background:

   1. At time of the beginning of the Iraq War II there were those that believed and still do that it had to do with the Return of Planet X otherwise known as Niburu. This also was connected to a race to retrieve buried ET artifacts or Star Gate buried under the sands of Southern Iraq before Saddam and his Russian , French, German and Chinese allies were able to gain possession of the mysterious items.

a) more Saddam and Planet X
b) See Extensive links regarding Nibiru, Iraq , 2012: more .
c) The disappearance of artifacts from the Baghdad museum, many with magickal powers allegedly has been well documented in the media. Nothing is ever said of this lately.
d) There is digging going on by among others Kellogg Brown and Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, at many ruins but no one seems to know what they are looking for since the WMD story has now been exposed as a huge lie of historical proportions. more .
e) The tomb of the first ever discovered - at least publicly -    ET - Human hybrid Gilgamesh was discovered by the Germans just prior to the war. Gilgamesh is the hero of the ancient Sumerian story the Epic of Gilgamesh. He was of human and "god" blood. Yet , since the war began, this most important discovery in archaeological history has gone UNSPOKEN OF IN EITHER THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA OR BLOGOSPHERE. Why? more .
f) Aldebaran and the ancient Egyptian Hall of Records being opened: more .
g) The US Military conducted "Operation Planet X" during the Iraq war - named after Nibiru the planet of the Sumerian "gods who from the heavens came down" The Annunaki. more.

Aldebaran Connection To Iraq War and Bush Refusal to Consider an Exit Strategy:

   1. It is by now very well known that the Bush family were major sponsors and financiers of the Hitler regime and the Nazi party. The Nazi party was essentially an occult black magic movement with the outer trappings of a political party. They believed that the star Aldebaran was the home sun of the Supermen or Ubermensch. These Supermen were theprogenitors of the aryan race and allegedly linked to the founding of ancient Sumerian civilization in what is today the modern day portions of southern Iraq. Many have heard of the Vril Society which formed the esoteric core of the Thule Society of early nazi mythology. The word Vril in fact is supposedly of Sumerian origin. more

PLEASE NOTE...* This belief does not have to have a basis in fact , it merely needs to be believed by Bush and his ancestors and current core advisors in order to form the 'reason' for continued occupation of Iraq.

   2. The following facts are well known and need little corroboration. Google can be used for those who require additional evidence: Hitler's Party number was 555. The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall or 6,660 inches above ground and allegedly 666 feet in length if the underground section or base is added. The Bush family funded Party member #555 Hitler.

The previous Hexen2039 link notes that Karl Haushofer was in alleged telepathic contact with aliens from Aldebaran and had ties to various esoteric agencies of the Third Reich. One name mentioned on the link was ARADO. The top nazi aircraft conglomerate. The Arado 555 was a flying wing long distance bomber that likely was being developed to drop an atomic bomb on the United States. more .

Further , the discovery of Thule by the ancient gGeek explorer Pytheas is dated to 333 B.C. = Thule 333. more or google Thule 333. Both 555 and 333 appear extensively and beyond coincidence as an answer in Illuminati numerology research. This appears to be linked to the cult of British Israelism and its belief in a bloodline supremacy that gives the British Royals the right to rule over the Earth. This belief alleges that the Tribe of Joseph is the progenitor of the British Royal bloodline. The following link also notes that the Mormons apparently link the Star Aldebaran to the tribe of Joseph. So the Star of British Israelism , the nazi supermen and the Sumerian 'gods' - is one and the same, Aldebaran. more .

It is well known that George Bush as well as his Presidential opponent John Kerry are related to the British monarchy as have been virtually all USA Presidents. "Every time there has been an election in the United States where a man of royal descent was featuring, the man of royal descent won." scroll  25% more .

3. The star Aldebaran is also known as Alcyone. By any name it was the star whose passing in the heavens timed the human sacrifices of the Aztecs. This ritual performed every 52 years at midnight ensured the continuation of all life for another 52 years. This may place George W. Bush's repeated calls for "more sacrifice in Iraq is needed" in better context.  more.

  4. Aldebaran is prominent in the Cthulhu mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. IN FACT IT IS THE HOME STAR OF HIDEOUS DEITIES OF THE STORYLINE. more

   5.  H.P. LoveCraft furthered the story of the Necronomicon. Believed to be either the most evil of black magic texts or a hoax. The Necronomicon is linked alllegedly to Sumerian Civilization and its gods. If so, this then means back to Iraq. more

   6. Iraq , in fact , may be the homebase so to speak of the Aryan Race. For followers of Hitler, such as the Bush family,the 'need' to control Iraq and the surrounding regions may have been unstoppable. more .

   7. Hitler was certainly a destroyer. The Hindu god Shiva is known as the destroyer. His phallus is a swastika and there are certain seeds that are known in Hinduism as the tears of Lord Shiva. Wearing a crown of 555 of these items allegedly makes one his equal. more. The Swastika as Shiva's penis and more at more .

   8. If so , then the 555 Washington Obelisk is a phallic symbol representative of a swastika as has been noted and therefore of Shiva, the Hindu destroyer Deity. Shiva has been associated with the Sumerian / Babylonian deity Baal. In fact, the Washington Monument is the phallus of Baal. Obelisk = O Baal isk or the penis of Baal. Therefore, the capital city of the United States of America has as its tallest building by law (6,660 inches) a pagan deity's giant penis. The pagan deity happens to be an entity whose worship is utterly forbidden in the Old Testament. more.

   9. The Shiv Sena or Army of Shiva in India adores Adolf Hitler as do many Hindus. He used their symbol the swastika, he believed in a caste system of superior types of humans ruling over inferiors and spoke of Aryan superiority of which the Hindu civilization saga is based on. A civilization so old no one can really say when it began. One almost could say that nazism is a hyper violent version of Hinduism. more and yet there are extensive links with Zionist entities: more . Here is a list of various Hindu Nazi hybrid organizations: more . Leader of Shiv Sena is a "self-declared Hitler fan" more .

10. During World War II Hitler was seen by many  in India as a "god". An Avatar of Vishnu and India was the only place where Aryan gods were worshipped. more .

11. Link Between 555 numerology and Skull and Bones membership: The headquarters of watchmaker Timex Corp. in skull and bones Connecticut is 555 Christian Road: more . Timex and Skull and Bones Society: more .

12. Hinduism is well known for teaching about reincarnation. There are those that believe that Hitler did not die in the Berlin bunker. There are so-called Hitler redemptionists that believe he escaped to a planet or world in the Aldebaran system in a UFO. They expect his return to lead a 4th Reich across the Earth. The Mayan year for the return of their fair skinned god Kukulkan is 2012. This is well known. There are predictions that the Aztec empire will rise again in 2025. Both practiced "more sacrifice", just like George W. Bush.

13. Aldebaran is the 13th brightest star in the heavens as seen from the Earth. The unlucky number coincidentally happens to be linked of all the stars in the heavens.... to the nazi home base star. more

Adolf Hitler's birthplace has extensive numerological links to the number 13 as well. more.

CONCLUSION: A rational inference based on the warped belief system of the leadership of the present cabal running or better said ruining the USA is that they are in the Iraqi sands awaiting the return of someone or something evil that they worship. The Bush family has served The Hitlerian Nazi forces now for 4 generations at least from Herbert Walker to Prescott Bush to George H.W. Bush to Dubya. They are not going to leave Iraq until , in their minds, Hitler returns in a UFO or through a Stargate from Aldebaran. Scroll to bottom: more .



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