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Evidence That 'Gospel of Judas" is Illuminati Psyops Linked to Oil-For-Food Players
(Aug. 8, 2006 Scoreboard contributor)

This writer happened to walk down the sidewalk in Tucson, Arizona yesterday and noted yet another astonishing 'Coincidence" when looking at the front page of virtually all of the day's (April 7, 2006) newspapers. All had the same horrifying tale to tell : Judas was a Hero. He was a "traitor" not a traitor. The Biblical story was a lie. This was "verified" scientifically at our very own University of Arizona Mass Spectometry know... the one that said the Shroud of Turin was a fake. Thus, The Shroud of Turin is a fake but Judas is a hero that assisted Jesus in committing suicide by setting the Romans on him at his request. Is that not the bottom line of the story? This writer smelled the immediate scent of illuminati droppings and decided to investigate further, what was discovered was fascinating and PROVES the media is controlled not by Liberals but by the Illuminati DIRECTLY.
1. New York Times - "In Ancient Document, Judas , Minus the Betrayal" by John Noble Wilford and Laurie Goodstein.
2. USA Today - "Long Lost Gospel of Judas casts 'traitor' in new light" by Dan Vergano and Cathy Lynn Grossman.
3. Tucson Citizen - "GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JUDAS - U of A verifies controversial text"
4. Arizona Republic (based in Phoenix , Arizona) "JUDAS A HERO? Text authenticated by UA scientists says Jesus asked apostle to hand him to Romans" M. Cronin You, esteemed reader may have read similar bilge in your own hometown paper. It would be surprising if you did not. Here is Why:
 A) New York Times largest shareholder is PCM or Private Capital Management. more / insert letters "NYT" in the slot for the name/symbol of the stock. Then go to "detailed quote" / then go to "Ownership" / Then click on "Institutional Ownership" and there you will see it. 
Who is PCM? They are wholly owned by Legg Mason.
B)  Legg Mason is controlled by Alliance Capital Management aka Alliance Bernstein. They are in fact...the only stock "insiders". Please Follow same process with more and more They Symbol to insert is LM.
C) Who owns Alliance? They are 53% owned by "French Insurance Giant" AXA. more
 D) AXA and the Oily Mess - more and more/ more . At Ground Zero of Oil/UN issue.
E) USA Today is owned by Gannett Corporation, the largest news chain in the USA. (see very bottom) or google USA Today Gannett.
F) Who owns Gannett? PCM. Yes, the same PCM that owns the New York Times and Gannett is the largest print chain in the USA which brings us the USA Today we all get if we stay in a hotel overnight. more .
THEY ALSO HAVE MAJOR STAKES IN Tribune, Journal Register, Lee Enterprises and others...the previous link notes "What are the implications...." of Having foreign oil for france linked interests owning our print media.
G) Tucson Citizen is Gannett. more .
H) Arizona Republic is owned by Phoenix Newspapers, Inc. which is owned by Gannett. more
I) *** Do the same with your local paper with a 'Judas' story. See who owns it.
J) Saddam Hussein benefited and stayed in power due to the Oil For Food program giving him illegal funds. His insurgents kill our troops and his bankers own our papers.
K) Saddam had a bank account under the pseudonym Satan. Some say it was his real name. (scroll half way)- more

 L) Saddam Hussein has been extensively linked to the occult.  more

M) Some believe he was the "third antichrist" noted by Nostradamus. more .
His Corporate Allies now tell us that Judas is a Hero, only a 'traitor' in quotes , assists Jesus in committing suicide and has a gospel. Thus the Bible story is a lie and Jesus must not have said "better that man never have been born" and if Judas hanged himself he was only following Jesus' example.
Now, This so-called "Gospel" is going to be published and sold by a major book chain. HarperSanFrancisco more . This is a subsidiary of publishing giant HarperCollins and HC describes this book as a previously lost gospel AS IF THIS WAS AN UNADULTERATED FACT RATHER THAN A HYPOTHESIS IF NOT AN OUTRIGHT FRAUD. more "The Secrets of Judas". Who owns HarperCollins ? Newscorp. the company controlled by Rupert Murdoch and the parent of pro-war Fox News. HC is also the publisher of the so-called satanic bible and the Necronomicon and FoxNews has links to satanic 'deep black" psyops personnel . more.
Further, One cannot trust opinion polls anymore. The Oil For Food players are buying up the Opinion Poll Tracking firms.USA Today runs an IPSOS poll saying american people have a pro immigrant position which favors President Bush. IS this true? more.
IPSOS is very close to French President Chirac who is closely linked to the Oil / United Nations / Iraq scandal. (scroll down 25%) more . IPSOS is a french company but beyond that it is difficult to detect who is the power behind the scene.IPSOS is aggressive in buying other polling outfits. FORTY SO FAR. more .
Economic pundits and stock market analysts simply cannot figure out why PCM is buying into all of the newspapers. The field is not that profitable. But of course, the purpose is not profit , it is to control how the American public views reality. A form of mind control.  more
To boil this down to a nutshell - Right before Easter , the average person in the USA walks down the street or buys a paper from a vendor and sees that the front page news in major newspapers like the New York Times, USA Today and their home paper say that it is verified that Judas wrote a gospel, he is a hero, not a traitor and only did what Jesus asked him to do - which in essence was assisted suicide, which the U.S. Supreme Court recently said was legal based on an Oregon case.
Not only that but this document is scientifically validated according to the story. NEVER DOES THE PUBLIC KNOW THE OWNERSHIP OF THE PRESS THAT IS
BEHIND THIS ILLUMINATI MINDWAR OPERATION. Never does the public question who is behind it. It must be true since all of these disparate "reputable" news sources say it is. The populace is so controlled they do not even smell a rat when this story hits right before the celebration of the passion of the Christ. No one ever asks how can it just happen that all of these 'separate' papers run the same story on the same day, never questioning the authenticity or motives of those involved in this bogus gospel.
 This happens to coincide with the Da Vinci Code author winning the plagiarism lawsuit against him and thus seeming to appear honest and the opening of the movie.The movie is made by Columbia Pictures which is owned by  Sony, the japanese conglomerate. more/ .
SONY has been heavily involved in research into the occult. more .
  The Judas gospel is stored in Basel, Switzerland at the Maecenas Institute. more. Little is known of this organization.
CONCLUSION: The Gospel of Judas is a satanic black op designed to chip away at the belief in Jesus Christ as the Savior of mankind from Evil. Even if you do not believe in God, it is surely strange that all of these papers are owned by the same entities and run this odd story on the same day. At a minimum it shows a level of control and coordination of the media rarely seen openly conducted and is indicative that the free press is an illuminati myth.