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General Sites Of Interest
Argyle Badminton Club
Check out this Nova Scotia badminton club with tournament news, results, coming events, photos, member details and links.
Badminton Alberta On-Line
Stay informed with all the news, results, profiles and tournament action in Alberta. Features newsletter articles and coaching information.
Badminton British Columbia
Provincial governing body for badminton. Read the news, rankings, and where you can go to play.
Badminton Calgary Online
Offers of list of clubs in the region complete with contact details and practice times. Includes a calendar of upcoming events.
Badminton Canada
Official site of this national governing body. Includes tournament results, player profiles and rankings, news and merchandise.
Badminton Canada's Homepage
Find out the latest news, results and events in the Badminton Canada calendar at this resource. Includes profiles, rankings, directory and links.
Badminton in Transcona
Check out this Manitoba badminton club featuring tournament news, results, coming events and membership information. Includes various links.
Badminton Nova Scotia
Unofficial site for badminton in the province of Nova Scotia. Find both junior and senior rankings and results from past tournaments.
Visit this Ontario junior badminton club which provides training information, standings, upcoming tournaments, rules, history and links.
Brampton Badminton Club
Fill out the online badminton quiz and view the action shots in the photo gallery. Features a schedule of practice times.
Brandon Badminton Club Home Page
Follow the latest news and results from the Brandon club, including upcoming events, weekly schedules and a selection of links.
Burlington Central Badminton Club
Outlines the origins of this club established in 1965. Presents details on upcoming tournaments and info on badminton programs offered.
Follow links to clubs affiliated with the Edmonton District Badminton Association. Also features an inter-club segment.
Granite Club - Public Page
Check out the facilities on offer at this club which offers a variety of sporting activities including badminton. Includes booking info and pics.
Nova Scotia Badminton Assoc - Junior
Keep up to date on results from past tournaments for Nova Scotia junior badminton players. Includes plenty of badminton related resources.
Ontario Badminton
Presenting the latest from the Ontario badminton scene, with news, results and profiles. Includes rankings and tournament registration.
Ontario Badminton Association
Co-ordinates all badminton activities in Ontario. Site details coaching requirements, rules, player registration info, and rankings.
Recreation Activities - Clubs
Visit the McMaster University badminton club, providing a brief description and contac details.
Saskatchewan Badminton Association
Provinicial badminton organization posts results from past tournaments. Lists the board of directors and presents a calendar of upcoming events.
Scarborough Badminton Association
Presenting the latest news and tournament action from this Ontario badminton association. Includes coming events, membership and club directory.
Soo Badminton Club
Ontario badminton club open to all ages and levels of ability. Check the news page for upcoming events and find a tournament schedule.
Toronto & District Badminton Association
Coordinating badminton action in and around the Toronto area. Features links, news, results, rankings and profiles plus coming events.
Univ. of Western Ontario - Badminton
Find rosters and game schedules for both the mens and womens teams. Highlights upcoming try-out sessions and provides new articles.
University of Manitoba Badminton Club
Features tournament results, rankings as well as a schedule of upcoming tournaments. Includes a calendar of meeting times.
University of Waterloo Badminton Club
Visit this university badminton club for the latest news and results from competition. Includes upcoming events, photos and playing tips.
Western Ontario Badminton Association
Keep up to date on news an events from this badminton organization. Features a photo gallery and directory of member clubs.
Wildewood Club - Badminton
Outlines the recreational and competitive badminton programs offered for both adults and children. Lists fees and proper court attire.
WOBA: tournaments, pictures, profiles and club listings
Providing latest news, results and general information regarding badminton action in Western Ontario. Features equipment, photos and club info.
Woburn Badminton Club
Presents results from past championships as well as details on practice times. Read through news, announcements and the guest policy.
Woodstock Badminton Club
Browse through results from past tournaments and profiles of the winners. Find access to plenty of badminton resources.
Yarmouth Badminton Club
Meet the members of this Nova Scotia badminton club. View the photo album, join the badminton newsgroup and find out about upcoming events.
Yellowknife Badminton Club
Keep informed on goings on at this badminton club in the Northwest Territories. Lists practice times and details upcoming events.
York University Badminton Club
Find contact details, and a vast of array links to other student associations.
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