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General Sites Of Interest
Coaching Association of Canada?
Bilingual site offers course schedules, coaching tips and updated news. Find out about the 3M National Coaching Certification Program.
Affirmative Action and Organizational Power in Sport?
Review of a scholarly work by Professor Jim McKay about affirmative action in women's sports programs in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
Canadian Professional Coaches Association ?
Highlights the services provided by this organization of coaches. Use Acrobat Reader to download application forms and view the job board.
CANCoach Coaching Software?
Explore the software available for sports coaches from this Vancouver company. View video clips, find drills, or download forms and checklists.
Coaches Association of British Columbia?
See about upcoming seminars or find out about available grants and awards. Get links to assorted coaching tools or view contact details.
Coaches Association of Saskatchewan?
Read the latest articles relating to coaching in the province or find out how to sign up for an upcoming course. Membership details included.
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